Sundays, June 4th – July 30th •  10:45 a.m.

In Context


Each week we will examine a different text from the Bible that is either hotly debated or commonly misunderstood. Using primarily the scriptural context, but also exploring cultural and historical contents of the passage, we will shed light on the true meaning of the Word.

What Is Church?

Mike Smith

We will spend a few weeks exploring what church means in scripture and what it means to us and our culture. We will also discuss some common myths of church and what it does not mean!

Young Families: Joseph

Steven Ramsey

Meet up with the Young Families class to strengthen the core of your life, marriage, and family. We will explore God’s Word together while sharing with each other in community. 

Young Adults: Practicing Faith

Upper Room
Ben Patterson

Join us for a time to connect and encourage other young adults in their faith. This summer we will hear some wisdom from some folks a bit ahead in their discipleship journey in a series called "Practicing Faith." Each week we'll be challenged and equipped with a practice (spiritual discipline) to help you grow in discipleship to Jesus. 

Spanish Language Bible Study

C102 (Spanish Worship Room)
Jose Quinones

Youth (6th–12th grades)

Youth Room
Rocky Wyatt & Youth - coordinators