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Sundays beginning June 16th  •  10:45 a.m.

Our Bible classes are designed to align with the church’s mission to make disciples who make disciples. A definition for disciple is extracted from Matthew 4:19: “And He *said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Follow me: A head decision to be like Jesus
I will make you: A heart willingness to be changed by Jesus
Fishers of men: A hands commitment to join the mission of Jesus

Our classes will each be labeled according to which of these elements will take the lead.
  • A head-oriented class will be most like a traditional Bible class, learning new things.
  • A heart-oriented class will be more experiential, with a focus on life changes and spiritual disciplines.
  • A hands-oriented class will aim to train and equip, with elements of practice built into the class itself.

The Character of a Disciple (HEAD)

Jim Beasley

Each week we will explore a person in the New Testament and highlight an aspect of their character that is admirable and worthy of imitation. This will be a "head" class with a  focus on life change through information exchange.

Evangelism in the Trenches

F102/104 (Fellowship Hall)
Vance Kessler & others

Facilitators will lead discussions that will help people help one another, navigating opportunities and problems that arise as we pursue having good, God, and gospel conversations.

Young Families Class

F101/103 (Fellowship Hall)
Steven Ramsey & Conard Peacock

An age- and life-stage-based class with a variety of rotating topics, which include: 1) studying Scripture deeply in order to reorient our thinking, perspective, and our actions, 2) discussions about life, marriage, children and all of the opportunities and challenges that come with it, and 3) community and relationship building.

Young Adults Class

Upper Room
Ben Patterson

Connect with other young adults as we encourage and challenge one another in our discipleship journey. Each week we will explore scripture and relevant topics together in a welcoming community.

Spanish Language Bible Study

C102 (Spanish Worship Room)
Jose Quinones

Youth (6th–12th grades)

Youth Room
Rocky Wyatt & Youth - coordinators